The spring in Arlanza valley
The spring in Arlanza valley. Félix Andino photo.

The Arlanza Wine Route is made up of three colourful natural regions: Cerrato, Arlanza and Sierra de la Demanda.

The Cerrato valleys have the typical Castilian agricultural countryside with large fields used for cereal growing. This area goes on as you get in the province of Burgos, in moorlands near Los Balbases.

The region of Arlanza is crossed by rivers and streams whose banks give life to big forests of oak trees and junipers. Places where you can enjoy a hard countryside where erosion and time have created a folded relief, caves carved in rocks, waterfalls and rough cliffs.


Live the experience of going across suspended foot bridges to walk above a deep and narrow gorge, in an exclusive natural area where you can find the biggest and best preserved junipers in our planet.

In the south of Burgos, get into La Sierra de la Demanda, passing Covarrubias and Santo Domingo de Silos. There you can watch some singular birds flying through the sky in a protected area.

Breathe the Nature in the Arlanza Wine Route, where you will find lots of places named as sites of community importance: the banks of rivers Arlanza, Arlanzón and their tributaries, the forests of junipers of Arlanza, the mountains of Cerrato and the moors of Torquemada. All of them are ideal places for hiking and outdoor activities.

La Yecla gorge
La Yecla gorge
Waters of Arlanza river
Waters of Arlanza river
Black poplars, meadows and junipers.
Black poplars, meadows and junipers. Félix Andino Photo.