The Arlanza Wine Route is located south of the city of Burgos and east of Palencia along the Castilian provinces of Palencia and Burgos, where the river that gets its name flows through wineyards, junipers, cereals and sunflowers. 2,000 km², with more than 450 hectares of vineyards, located between the middle and lower valley Arlanza, the Sierra de Covarrubias and Cerrato moors, protected by the Denomination of Origin Wine Arlanza.

This area is crossed from north to south by the Madrid-Irún highway. From east to west, the 122 National road follows the course of Arlanza river, connecting to an extensive net of country roads that take you to the heart of this route.

Travel through this land of deep grounds, sandy soils of silicon and granite, alluvial rocks and varied profile, where the vineyard is traditionally grown. In this area, a rich heritage related to viticulture and enology will awaken your senses.

The Arlanza wine route has lots of attractive elements that explain its millenary technology and culture: from some wineyards, planted at the beginning of the twentieth century and ancient vine cellar neighbourhoods, that survive nowadays, to the most modern wineries.