D.O. Arlanza red wine
D.O. Arlanza red wine. Félix Andino photo.
Baltanás. Wine cellars quarter.
Baltanás. Wine cellars quarter.
Oven to roast lamb
Oven to roast lamb. Félix Andino photo.

Enjoy drinking the fruit of a vineyard that suffers a climate with great contrasts of temperature and that, as a result, gives thick and tough skin grapes full of aroma and colour.

Strong wines that you can taste alone or as a perfect accompaniment to varied and tasty food grown in this land: peppers from Torquemada, cherries from Covarrubias, known for their size and exquisite flavour; onions from Palenzuela or the famous Cerrato cheese.

The gastronomy of the Wine Route Arlanza is mostly based on pig products: morcilla, chorizo, picadillo… If you get into this land, you will be delighted with many different products offered by the very nature, such as trout, crabs, snails and a big variety of mushrooms. You can also taste the typical stews of hare, rabbit, partridge or pigeon flavoured with spices such as lavender, thyme or sage.

If you are looking for tasting the most typical food wherever you go, You can eat the best “sopas de ajo”, “setas”, “cocido” and “olla podrida”.

Do not leave without tasting the flagship of the kitchen in the route: the lamb. Order it roasted in a wood oven or grilled in chops, but always accompanied by excellent wines from this DO.

If you look for the local colour wherever you go, do not forget that here you can taste the best soup of garlic, mushrooms, cooked or rotten pot, typical examples of the varied menu of Arlanza Wine Route.

And don’t forget to buy some of the rich sweets produced in the monasteries and convents, using traditional methods and which are able to sweeten and delight the most demanding palates: pastries, “pastas”, cakes, truffles and herbal liqueurs.

Definitely, in Arlanza Wine Route, you are in the gastronomic destination you were looking for.